Shams Rasheed Fine Art Photographer

shams-rasheed-fleur-serree-iii shams-rasheed-pressed-flower-abstract-no-1

I can see that Rasheeds professional almost microscopic techniques would be extremely useful for aiding my artistic interest in portraying flowers. I wish that I could use such photographic technology to transfer to my printmaking techniques.

I also resonate with the fact that he … “devotes a great deal of passion exploring the beauty in all things in nature…” as I am very passionate about observing and portraying nature’s floral forms.

Apparently though along with his photographic skills he also has had the benefit of…The exotic flora of Hawaii, the vibrant colours of Pakistan..” amongst other artistic and worldly delights.

I would have liked to have the time to spend doing close up photographic work whilst doing the Fine Art course and wish I could have felt that I had enough time to experiment in this way with the magnifying lens in the photo lab. The downside would be the availability of suitable material and the necessary technical assistance to hand.

Although Shams Rasheed has used simplistic but colourful and detailed pressed flowers in his work, having looked at the huge variety of beautiful specimens of flowers that botanical artists seem to be able to make available; I would not stand a chance at obtaining such beautiful or unusual specimens, or be able to record them for my work with expensive camera equipment in order to capture with detailed certainty.

That is the reason I have spent time studying the lily. It is the most versatile flower available to me.


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