Regarding My Work

My drawings of flowers mainly the lily are well studied, carefully drawn and accurate, therefore they lean very strongly to the botanical influence. However I have no inclination to measure every part of the flower to gain identical accuracy in size as this process would make drawing more of a chore and shows a lack of reliance on a person’s own personal judgement, which is probably the creator of individual drawing style. If I were to measure every part and angle it would seem like drawing an identical map of the object and probably leave less chance of developing more natural drawing skills.

Therefore due to my attempts at gaining visual accuracy, no abstract quality is at all evident in my drawing. If I were to try to draw quickly from a subject the drawing would definitely be abstract, but I would hate that way of working and maybe even learn very little, on top of which I would be very unhappy with the results of my attempts. I am as driven to attempt accuracy in drawing flowers as my way of working just as other artists are driven to their individual subject and way of working.
A tutor has said to me well you have been drawing flowers for a few years now so you should be able to draw them without looking by now! However they would not be observational drawings then and I do not have a photographic memory to work from. Each time I look at a bouquet of lilies I am finding something new, different, and something interesting to me. This is far away from an attempt to draw a sample, only offering a clue to the fact that it is meant to represent a lily.

Any talent lies in having enough interest and patience and the will to do something and making the choice to do it for oneself. Nobody else should be telling you how you should be doing your art or making choices for you unless you specifically ask them to comment or give feedback.

Adding pattern through lace to my etching was as a result of the need to fill space and add another dimension of interest to my work and I happen to find lace a fascinating addition. I actually enjoy the process of etching the detail of Lace onto metal and printing this captured effect and the process is far less time consuming or difficult than any pattern that I could satisfactorily produce by hand.

This is in addition to the fact that I find certain forms of historical pattern very attractive. William Morris is an influence whose work and life I have studied. I am very drawn to his style of pattern which progresses from the stylishly simple to beautiful intricacy. I have previously worked on collaging printed line drawings of flowers with various colourful Morris designs, and my attraction to these relates to my more recent introduction of readymade, but individually chosen elements of lace pattern which has the versatility of being transferable.

I have also closely looked at William Morris colleague William de Morgan whose early work was influenced by Morris. I have related to many of his floral designs which take the form of versatile line drawings, and it seems that I have both related to and been influenced by both the above artists as well as liking the Persian influence which also influenced their work.


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