Nerys Johnson

Bold and striking,
Colourful contrast
To more delicate intermingling
Of a variety of shapes
From bright and startling
To subtle pastels
Colour interaction
Pleasing to the eye
Of a flower lover.

Denise Walsh

“Nerys is known for the small and intensely coloured works of her later years, in which types of flowers are simplified and depicted singly or in simple combinations, often against dark backgrounds. These works were preceded by a decade or more of stylistic experimentation when colour and shape were pitched against each other in a variety of compositions and structures. Colour juxtapositions veered from the delicate to the bold. In all cases the background whether pale, dark or wallpaper like stripes served to define and emphasise the form in front of it. Bridget Riley once said that Nerys had `absolute judgement` when it came to colour…”

Irises in the dark.(My own headings.)I would never consider painting black as the background of flower paintings nor for prints and it would be difficult to achieve even, but I wonder if printing on black Somerset paper with strong colours painted thickly for a strong monopint would have the same effect.


Hydrangeas, amaryllis, pink buds and green leaves. This is my favourite approach because it seems that the bold and colourful intermingling of flowers has been planned out carefully before painting. I would prefer planning rather than spontaneous mistakes, although this painting has the carefree touch and appears very contemporary.


Delicate intermingling garden. There is a pleasing combination of colours and shapes in this painting which would lend itself to pattern design for textiles with a little tweaking.

Subtle pastel sketchbook painting. The colours are very subdued in comparison to the previous paintings but the floral display makes the flowers appear a lost and lonely crowd.



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