Marthe Keller

When I first saw this painting I did not realise that collage may have contributed to the unusual creased tissue effect of the floral image.


It is bold in its continuous fresh green colouring, yet is delicately whispering in the trails of grass and blurriness of other seemingly distance flowers or buds which are echoing the main focal flower. The starkness of the black stem and base along with the crispness of the creased petals are akin in likeness to the features of the poppy. The tendrils and splashes suggest a dancing movement, a carefreeness of style which could have been enhanced by musical sound.

Marthes Sunflower has equal elegance and poise, the bubbling brown centre surrounded by the sunlight of orange outlined bursts of yellow. The second, drooping flowers head`s fading glory emphasised by the unclarified blurring and bleeding of the colours.


The stems have faltering legginess, , and the vivid yellowness of the flowers leave halos of shadowing colour in their surround. The leaves in all their greenness point outwards and the patches of faded colour and added slashes of green give added life to the whole.

I find Marthes style fresh and invigorating with an added loose freedom.


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