Painting versus Printing?

I was told by a tutor in the first year of my degree course that in difference to drawing the painting is the drawing and that if I wanted to be precise with detail that it would be better if I chose printing. He said that painters are always painting over bits to get things how they want them. When I questioned was it not possible to draw the image first with pencil then paint it, he replied that painters who did that were a strange lot. He did concede that it might be possible for me to be a watercolour painter, but then added that there were things that happened on the painting course that would not suit me.

However I am sure that all botanical painters and most flower painters pencil their work in initially for guidance therefore to just state that the painting is the drawing is not entirely true. Yes they do add much visual information in with paint and this adds a lot of detail in comparison with just line drawing but in the case of many watercolour artists the both skills are combined

On the other hand I believe that printers are always caught up in very time consuming processes that lead up to the printing process. Making plates especially in the etching process can involve the occurrence of many problems arising and can need a lot of time and patience. This defers from the actual printing process which seems to be the more productive end phase. However, printing in itself is not without its problems if you require perfect prints, which does not just magically happen without thorough careful preparation and a few knowledgeable tips to achieve required results.

In comparison to painting all efforts can be directed shown and realised in the one piece of work because here the original work counts a lot more artistically and realisation of value than possible printed reproductions. So in equivalence only the one type of design in print would count as a markable piece of work not its identical prints. Therefore I believe that generally printers are not credited enough for their efforts because perhaps it seems that they can churn prints out easily and endlessly without enough consideration to initial processes involved.


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