William De Morgan 1839 – 1917

No Name, 1888-1897.  Painted Tile Panel.  The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

william de morgan floral tile panel

The floral six tiled panel (Figure 3) is a symmetrical design a matching set of tiles with variations in colour of the purple and blue of the flowers. A fan of leaves arise from the mouth of the vase, protruding stems of frilly edged pod shaped leaves, curl around the outer vase space. The entrailing flowers are sectioned by numerous petal shaped florets, forming intricately detailed blooms filling the confined space of the design. Sprigs of flowered stems emanate from the base of the internal shape, spreading out; filling the bulb of the vase. Alongside the lower vase space there are strands of ribbon like waves. On either side of the design there are halves of large cone shaped flowers with petals arising shaped like the flames of fire.


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