Sui Li Hung

 born New York 1947

Artist Su ling writes poetry in addition to printing her woodcut designs. She designates her art to eight numbered categories No 6 being `Flower Petals.`

“One petal of an Iris flower determines the inner depth of the entire flower. The dimming fragrance hangs around unaware of the decay.”

In my poetic terms,

“I gauge the size of all the lilies petals by the one petal I have drawn first. Fresh Lilies have a delicate fragrance when first bought which grows stronger daily… until I am tempted to throw them out!”

Denise Walsh

su li hung

It seems that in the first woodcut shown Su ling has used the one woodcut of bamboo leaves and printed four times on one sheet. I am a fan of pattern repeats which I find more intriguing than single prints. They are all four, printed naturally slightly different.  However Su Ling`s second design of Lotus leaves is much more repetitively busier.   This is a more difficult woodcut cut on one piece.

woodcuts-72 su li hung

I have made a silkscreen of pattern repeats which I had intended to expand on with larger sheet of paper. Positioning this though would take a bit of working out although in any case each pull would need to dry before placing the next. Trouble is though the edges of patterning are not aligned in design which makes things a little more difficult. Also drying print means drying screen and restart.


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