Steven Barbash

 Born 1933 New York

stephen bardash


This flower could possibly be an etching or dry point. It is an interesting texture almost like a mop of dishevelled curly hair. I wonder how the effect was achieved, possibly soft ground but with a preliminary drawing? I have only tried spacey line drawing so far and readymade impressed texture, perhaps shading is possible by rubbing more densely in areas with pen over paper or drawing but this is quite a complex many petalled flower head which would need some practical experimentation.

stephen Bardash irises

Purple Petalled Flowerhead

This is a very richly texture and densely coloured piece of work which I firstly assumed to be a print. Intensely creased effect of petals especially lower ones suggest the effects of a collographed plate as does the background but it seems possible that it either includes painting or is painting. Steven Bardash is both a painter and printer.

“Barbash admired works by his teachers, especially prints by master etcher Gabor Peterdi…His approach to collecting is a search for methods of mark-making that he himself is unable to mimic, and many of the works with which he surrounds himself express his belief in the mystery and magic of art making.”

Dark and mysterious in texture

Its outer petals are windswept by the elements

They bow and wave swirled by wind

The centre flower compact stays together

In this shaded garden of the night

But the shimmering flower stays bright                                              Denise Walsh


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