Sigrid Muller

“I am not interested in botanical illustration – dissecting and exposing the flower – even though the flowers are realistic on the whole – sometimes I exaggerate certain things or leave them out. When I am choosing a subject I have to feel an excitement.”…

(Sigrid Muller)

This artist`s words resonate with me because I too am not interested in botanical accuracy as far as measuring the subject to exacting proportions.

When she talks about leaving some things out I find it is impossible to put in every tiny frill on petal edge or all the visible creases or veins in the petal. They are often not clear enough to copy or would look too exaggerated if drawn in, and sometimes I just hint at their existence in certain places.

I agree with her totally on having to feel an excitement about your subject because I believe that is the motivation to capture the flower. Sigrid adds that the excitement, “…can come from the shape, the colour or the way the light falls on it.”

Although I am interested in all these elements, I am at the present time concerned with the shape and composition to create a line drawing. As soon as I see a large bud began to open I am instantly motivated and want to start drawing but I have learnt to wait a little until the multiple blooms form an interesting composition then I cannot wait to start to try to capture it.

sigrid muller born 1962

Sigrid’s pale blue Poppy

It stands in mysterious darkness

The shimmering white and pale blue

Of the delicately crinkled petals

Which flow outwards strikingly and unafraid

Are illuminated in their delicacy

Saying to all shy Poppy heads

This is the way to go

Denise Walsh


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