Sheila Seigerman

b.1931 Canada

“Sheila Seigerman…” Shirley Sherwood describes, “has had a most interesting and varied career. She started off as a jewellery designer… went on to be a freelance violinist…working for periods as an actress and theatrical designer…and won awards for her jewellery… and is such a lively and vivacious woman.” Apparently she only started botanical watercolour paintings on a self-taught basis ten years before Shirley acquired the following painting.

Laeliocatleya `Amber Glow

Watercolour on paper

Acquired from the artist by Shirley Sherwood 1993

Embossed 017

This is a very brightly coloured orchid, with beautifully detailed frilly petals, standing proudly on unusual segmented stems with dried outer sheaths. The roots are bare of their normal bark and moss filled pot, exposed to shows their wiggly and wiry formation. The leaves appear to float above the flowers like flags in the breeze.


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