Selma Swartz Bromberg

“My work is inspired by the rugged beauty and fragility of nature…I am often influence by the sensitivity and directness of Japanese and Chinese sumi painting as I create new pieces from my nature studies.” However, surprisingly, Selma contrasts this by saying, “I cut bold lines and rugged forms into my woodblocks.

It appears Selma is a fan of the outdoors, and was artist in residence at a National Park in Newfoundland. Rugged beauty in Selma`s terms means,

“… observing stirring views of rugged fjords, with cliff faces that plunge into the ocean.”   Very dramatic landscape views! In the past she has also depicted animals from the zoo. It is a wonder then that I find her in my research for flower artists, but I was impressed by her delicately detailed etching of an Amaryllis.


When I carefully studied an amaryllis it was very difficult to see the delicate striped veins throughout the petals. In drawing this kind of flower I have felt that it is excess information to pencil in too much lined detail especially if it can hardly be seen, but here it has an extremely delicate effect which contributes to the graceful lines of the flower.


With regard to the hydrangea blossoms some of the petals outlines are very fragile, but it is probably better that they are not all heavily outlined because the nature of a flowers petals are very delicate and fragile. I have previously worked on a watercolour of hydrangea petals where there were differing pinks violets and purples which bled into each other and it proved good practice at obtaining this effect. I also created a small collograph plate with hydrangea petals and this printed also in violet with a delicate effect.


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