Rosie Saunders

47-amaryllis-fledermaus-102124-270x220rosie sanders

Rosies Alstromeria type flowers, Amaryllis Fledermaus… are elegantly poised.

Their white, pale and dark green, pale yellow and pink combination petals are subtly streaked and blended, carefully intermingled colours in the lighter tones, but the darker green of some petals, buds and stems stand out in vivid contrast. The flowers petals are reaching outward and mainly upwards towards the atmosphere with their wavering pointed ends while the long sepals reach out with their bobbled ends curling upwards.

Rosies Rose

A_Rose_in_Winter-391x470rosie sanders

The dark ruby red of the curled edges of the upper petals has a velvety texture while the underneath pink and white of the petals is streaked with pale lilac and yellow. There is a mosaic of texture in the faded brown of the drying drooping petals. The ageing rose petals have moth eaten edges with crisped brown patches. The dark green stem curves to the right and the flower also leans, one dropped petal lightly balances on the thorny branches completing the space in the composition.

Rosies watercolour flower paintings are described as having, “ …impact and dynamism and the sensuality of the flower paintings are thought by many to be comparable to the paintings of Georgia O`Keeffe.”

(Rosies Website)


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