Marilena Pistoia

Born Milan 1933

Marilena Pistoia has produced a large amount of works which have been published in Milan and Bologna. Shirley Sherwood describes them.

“The flowers are always most beautifully arranged across the page, often curved in soft swaths across the centre, and painted in a sensitive and yet decisive way.”“…of the many original paintings that she had given the Hunt Institute. The originals are more subtle, the colours better and the greens more varied. They are all very pristine and pure.”

However she had the misfortune that a publisher had lost 52 of her original works. Apparently she had stopped painting flowers after that had happened so she was obviously traumatically affected by the occurrence. While telling Shirley she then brushed this off by saying that she only did it to make a living. She is an Academy Professor who teaches etching, but she has distanced herself from botanical painting drawing only futuristic globes which Shirley Sherwood found `intense introspective and worrying.`

Her remaining paintings that she showed Shirley must be of some considerable  importance to her as she refused to sell her one of her flower paintings, but she did give her this exquisitely sensitive …  “fluffy dandelion clock so finely and lightly drawn that it is almost impossible to reproduce.”


Gift from the artist 1994

Watercolour on paper 175 x 265 mm

Embossed 016

This beautifully sensitive painting,

a dandelion most delicately

and articulately displayed

sends a message from the artist

memories of dandelion days

which are all blown away                                                    Denise Walsh


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