Mariko Imai

born Tanagawa, Japan 1942.

Heterotropa Muramatsui.

Embossed 014

The intricately detailed leaves hover on their tender fine stems above the delicate violet flower formations with their bell shaped base edged with folding petals. The veins of the ivy shaped leaves are traced finely with white shimmering lines amidst the varying depths of green. The roots shown are of a complex structure, the main central attachment is wooded in a series of segments from which longer shoots emanate and again from these branch numerous transparent off shoots form an interesting winding framework.

I empathise with the way the artist has been driven capture the intensely detailed vein work of the leaves, the fragility of the flowers and the complex root structure, as I find small details very interesting to look at and am often tempted to try to capture the photographic reality of structure of a plant purely in line.


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