Margaret Stones

Margaret stone has obviously had an enviable career as a botanical artist. Shirley Sherwood in her book Contemporary Botanical Collections describes her as a “…painter of great distinction… for many years she worked as an independent painter at Kew.” I would describe that as a flower lover’s dream. The list of her achievements is endless in the botanical field.

Nerine Bowdeni

Watercolour on Vellum.

Acquired by Shirley Sherwood from the artist 1993.

Embossed 020

Although this is a crown of the same blooms they form a range of interesting views and form a substantial circle of pattern like forms. This style of drawing would make an interesting subject for etching. Although in this painting the flowers seem to be the one shade of pink the petals are variable toned in different depths of the same colour that distinguishes the details. The dried specimen to the underside, although at first seems a different plant for contrast, is actually the same species after the flower heads have gone to seed.


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