Lawrence Greenwood

Born England 1915

Rhododendron Falconeri, acquired 1992 Watercolour on paper

Embossed 006

“Laurence Greenwood…is able to produce a painting from a photograph…of high quality…by using transparencies taken by botanists on their plant hunting travels around the world…watercolours which have amazed the botanists and gardeners who have seen them.” (Shirley Sherwood 1996)

I am so envious of botanical painters who have been able to get hold of beautiful and unusual flower and plant species. It is so difficult to obtain anything out of the ordinary in a City such as Cardiff, the kind of subject which would be truly inspirational to me.

“Lawrence produces two kinds of painting. The first is a traditional `botanical illustration` of a plant set on a white background…The second is of the plant set in its habitat…”

My interest lies in painting the flower and plant only in a botanical way as I find this all-consuming of my attention and my patience does not extend to being distracted by background information which might detract from the subject in focus. I have however incorporated textures such as net and lace in the background of some of my etching and collograph to enhance the image in order to extend the subject beyond the purely botanical image.


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