Sally Picker and Lace in My Own work

I began to use lace in my etching work in 2nd year printmaking as a decorative background that I knew would enhance my butterfly design. The further appeal to me was firstly being able to transfer this delicate design onto a metal surface and then relatively easily print this onto Somerset paper without having to painstakingly try to replicate the lace design by hand, making flourishing decorative design relatively easily available to use in my work.

Sally Picker is the only artist I have been able to find who is serious about using lace as art in her work and who in her statement actually describes old lace designs as …”fragile art forms”

Well whatever rare antique lace however beautiful and nostalgic was once available has been snapped up by collectors already and so is not readily available. So unlike Sally Picker I am unable to say that “… I am concerned with preserving the intricate designs of these fragile art forms.”

What I can say is that many well designed modern laces are also very beautiful and delicate in their own modern way and they are more freely available (although a little on the expensive side.)

I am concerned with capturing their detailed and decorative appeal and drawing attention to this in addition to enhancing my own work. I find certain laces very appealing to look at and transferring their soft and intricately detailed and delicate nature to the unyielding hardness of the metal surface through the etching process is something that can prove very satisfying to me.

Many quality laces are rarely useful in everyday wear but their designs visual appeal can be utilised in art, as I have found it possible to do.

“I am passionate about including lace designs in my art practice and this body of work has developed has developed from my love of old lace. In these works I am concerned with preserving the intricate designs of these fragile art forms, while transforming these motifs into more contemporary art forms giving new meaning and relevance to the lace.” Sally Picker

sally picker


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