Jean Emmons

It is very interesting that Jean started out as an abstract painter and all the while she was capable of producing such intricately detailed flowers and plant life. I only wish that I had been harbouring such talent.

“… an interest in the natural world and a compulsion to garden, led to botanical painting. She enjoys trying to hone the intense observational skills that the discipline requires… Jeans technique is based on medieval manuscript illumination…it is a difficult and time consuming watercolour method but an excellent way to suggest light moving through layers of plant tissue.”

jeMagnolia jean emmons

Magnolia Bud.

This painting is beautifully and exquisitely detailed, with all possible attributes of a tree branch included. The large bud, partly shielded by its furry outer casing shows the normally hidden compact nature of the growing but not unfurled flower. The intriguingly lumpy bumpy and dimpled surface is delicately shaded with a rainbow like selection of pastel colours.

I find her inclusion of fine and intense detail astonishing.

jean emmons

Hibiscus Flower

The petals join together in an overlapping and slightly twisted formation of the flower, and have a finely ridged veined network throughout. Also the pink petals have curled and frilled edges and all elements combined makes for a very pretty flower. As usual centrally placed, are long thin brown bobbled stamens, surrounded by a separate cluster of seed like pockets. The leaf base is attached all around the top end of stem almost encasing it and almost forming a collar to the flower head.


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