Jean Bardon

  born 1952

“The formality, ornamental qualities and boldness of botanical of botanical art have strongly informed the development of my work in recent times. My love of decorative detail has from the beginning been a feature of my work. This stems from my admiration for the patterns, line and simplicity of forms found in Asian art.”

There are many similarities in Jean`s statement to my own attractions, I love decorative detail and patterns and love botanical art, and have included these elements in my work but in a different way. Jean says that she is fascinated by the process of etching but the works I have found on her website appear to be all paintings. She has included on her website almost endless amounts of her decoratively detailed flower paintings in numerous same size squares which coordinate beautifully.

As well as producing many skilfully executed decorative floral composition I also like her quite regular inclusions of patterned oriental vases which add a very decorative quality.

clematis jean bardon born 52

Clematis in Vases.

As a rule Jean`s compositions seem to intriguingly fill the page and this piece is no exception. Another feature is that the vases are cropped at a certain point regularly in her images.

The clematis trails across the page, each section of bloom and bud having its own unique oriental vase. Japanese symbols add extra touches that are like a stamp of approval. A panel of patterned paper with gold borders is a feature of this elongated design.


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