Indian Paisley

Silk Screen Project.

I looked at Indian Paisley designs for inspiration to create my own paisley design which is in my sketchbook and which I copied onto drawing film with special drawing pens for the best method of transferring the image onto silkscreen. The design was meant to be used for repeat printing on a larger area. I also did the same for a line drawing of flowers, which is also meant to be used as a repeat image. The inspiration for this came from looking at the book Floral Chintz, Indian patterns for the West by Rosemary Crill, and is one of my favourite textiles books.

Kaffe Fassett Paisley Designs

Most of Kaffe Fassets` designs are of extremely bright and cheerful colours. Although some of these designs are of two or three colours as in the first and last two designs I feel that these designs are inferior in comparison to the other more truly original paisley patterns which are also extremely complex and interesting while also using a multitude range of colour combinations which have been very tastefully selected to complement each other and have a very tropical  essence.

I wish that I were able to combine such colours so successfully in my print work but relating anything near to this of more than two colours which is difficult enough would prove almost impossible. I can imagine though that it would be possible somehow to watercolour a printed design in different colours if suitable paper were used and I would like to try experimenting with this process as I have enjoyed trying my hand at water colouring in the past.  I have read a Kaffe Fassett book which has shown him tranquilly water colouring a huge design made on graph paper, I think square by square for an embroidery design and I was very envious of his obviously highly talented capabilities.


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