Hiromi Muira

Hiromis` work is mostly black and white `sumi` line painting using Chinese ink, but I feel that her style could be succesfully adapted to the etching process.

I admire the combined detailed and perfectionist approach. I believe that this would be more difficult to achieve the same results as Hiromi has as the consistent accurateness of fine detail might take endless hours. She displays a fine delicacy of line and subtle contrast which would also require endless patience which would only probably be achieved by a master craftsman.

The trailng flower blossom drawing is very intense attention to detail which I find astonishing. If I were to attempt such an outcome in a printmaking process such as etching it would first have to be possible to obtain such an inspirational flower, then I would no doubt need the aid of an exceptionally good and expensive camera outfit to aid me in my pursuit of this perfect though it seems highly imaginative styling.

At the moment my endeavours in line drawing are mainly concentrated on outline. I have been incorporating detail into my work by incorporating the readymade detail of florally patterned lace into the etching method through soft ground, as I am still very much in the experimental stage of processes involving the etching techniques, and very much a learner in my drawing study of flowers.

I have since noticed that the flowing `drawing` of flower may indeed be a print as it is labelled 11/15? I would like to try my own version of this drawing in order to understand how it might work.

Hiromis` orchid displays strong characteristics of this flower, it almost bears the features of .a little insect or animal. Holes for eyes, stamens for nose, cupped petals for a chin, a whirring tail to the rear, flapping wings to the sides and arms or legs reaching out and around to the sides. Like an exotic flying insect it hovers in the air.

hiromi muira

Hiromis` trailing petals flower has many twirling and swirling line details, the many petals tumble down falling like a tumbling curly mop of hair .

hiromi muira 3


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