Fiona Strickland

Papaver-June-Poppy-550 fiona strickland

Fiona`s Papaver Poppy…An incredibly painted futuristic flower, with the clarity of a professional photograph.

This poppy has a central segmented stalked core, surrounded by a longer crown of grass like green sepals with tiny yellow pointed cone shaped ends. Small yellow and orange petals curl and twirl and curl in various directions appearing to be escaping on one side of the circle. The surrounding deep orange toned petals are recently unfurled their delicate creases ending in frilly formation. They have just been released from the rounded and lightly furred flower case in order for us to engage in their exotic visual delight.

216466 Fiona Strickland

Fiona`s Irises

These Irises look very mysterious. Altogether they are a combination of the colours maroon, mustard yellow purple lilac and cerise pink and green. They stand three in a row with both bloom and bud on one stem with their contrasting colours blending side by side. The yellow and maroon striped petals like wings to each open flower, while the encased petals in the wrapped and curled closed buds, hug in at the lower sides. A few dried petals hang down, furling and curling up like some of the older purple petals which add intrigue to the varying elements of the composition. At the base of each flower and bud are white sheaths with lower petals almost grasping at the fine stems from which they emanate.


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