Elizabeth Blackadder

Of Elizabeth Blackadders work Shirley Sherwood says, “Her paintings are so wonderfully free and uninhibited, yet so carefully observed. Her watercolours are splashed with spots of paint and stray pencil marks, her vigorous approach far removed from the meticulous style of the traditional botanical painter.

Elizabeth Blackadder herself says,” I show the plants which appeal to me as an artist and which I found visually exciting in terms of shape, colour and structure. I make no claim for botanical truth and accuracy.”

Lillies 1989

Aquired by Shirley from Montpelier Studios London 1993

Watercolour on paper 600 x570mm

Embossed 005

They stand with elegant poise

Their heads turned to and fro

Pink and red, cream and green

They stand side by side

Little space between

They appear very graceful

While seeming proud

The shades of green

Of rising leaves

Whilst the flowering heads

Some are bowed

In both flowers and leaves

Transparency flows

Where the lily grows                                                                Denise Walsh


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