Coral Guest

 born London 1955

This painting of Lilium Longiflorium `Ice Queen` was commissioned by Shirley Sherwood in 1999.

Embossed 010

“Please note that however deceptive it might appear there is certainly no white paint in this work. All is achieved with skilled washes of varying greys and remains true to the purest traditions of watercolour.” Coral Guests accompanying comments advising on her technique.

Coral is lucky enough to be able to sell her work as soon as it is completed. “She often uses substantial pieces of paper and paints strong, large plants, life size, suspending them in space. Occasionally she will show some tiny seedhead hovering in the centre of a huge white expanse which I find very oriental.” Shirley Sherwood

Lilium Longiflorum `Ice Queen`

Watercolour on paper 760 x 570 mm

In  Shirley Sherwood’s` book Contemporary Botanical Artists, there is only a section of the painting shown close up while the whole painting is shown on a small scale. The whole painting shows a very long stemmed trumpet lily standing almost centrally and its large buds and opening head nearly reach the top of the painting. A second lily stem leans against it and its crown of five lily heads are displayed around the centre point. This variety of lilies, are painted so elegantly with some heads slightly bowing and some deeply bowing whilst others are raised, showing their orange stamens and central sepal. Some of the leaves are shown slightly twisting and turning and seem to be painted with different tones of green showing may lines along the leaves length. The petals of the wide open upward looking flowers are curled under at the ends while others are more gently curved. They too have many lines from the central `crease` to the side edge.

Embossed 009


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