Claude Saucy (1929 – 1999)

I am impressed with Claude Saucey`s style and I like the way that he created sections of pure line drawing and sketchiness with areas of much more toned and textured detail as these two methods alongside complement each other and makes one appreciate individual part more. I also like the idea of hand colouring parts of the monotone prints which is a very delicate touch.

I have considered the possibilities of hand colouring or water colouring prints although I am not sure if printing paper is entirely suitable and that perhaps I would have to print with watercolour paper first.

I am not sure how to go about texturizing either only toning by aquatinting but apart from working on a test plate for timing tones I have hardly put this into practice in my work. As I have read one artist say light changes all the time and it is easier to capture realistic tone by photographing the subject but I feel even then it would be difficult. As I have been concentrating on line only and transferring this to the etching plate it has put me off adding several different tones to the subject as this may appear unrealistic as I have not planned for tone in the drawing stage.

claud saucy 1929-1999

Pale blue toned flower etching

This etching seems to combine both delicacy and strength. The flowers are like elegantly belled trumpets, the pale background sketch lightly echoes the main flower. The leaves are crinkled and shaped like that of the primrose and the growing buds arise in the same manner.


Yellow toned flower etching

This is a complexly detailed etching. Multiple flowers on many stalks, rising above the dense display of leaves.

White Cyclamen.

The many flowers seem to be stretching out as far as possible while the leaves maintain a lower level. Below the leaves are the supplying stems although they have the dense tangled nature of roots.



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