Annika Silander-Hokerberg

Born Sweden 1949

 “I suspect a new star is in the ascendant of botanical art… her paintings of tulips, lemons and Irises demonstrate great confidence of execution and design.” Shirley Sherwood

Embossed 019

Siberian Iris: Iris Sibirica

Acquired by Shirley Sherwood from the artist 1995

Watercolour on paper 760 x 560 mm

The Iris is one of my favourite subjects for botanical art. The common Iris sold in bunches is not nearly as interesting as some special varieties such as the Bearded Iris and other more detailed specimens such as this.

The veins in the lower petals spread out in an interesting network through the complementary shade of yellow to the darker shaded violet edges. The buds slowly expanding showing their willingness to unfurl, the small mid-petal winged to the sides, while the upper petals are rising upward in a feather like stance. The buds are intriguing, the compacted flower mysteriously hidden from view.

Embossed 018



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