Anna Mason

(previously Anna Knight)

Anna`s Stargazer Lilly shows how much further interest can be included with painting in watercolour, which here includes more reality and liveliness to the subject.

I was told by a tutor in first year that in difference to drawing, ` the painting is the drawing` and that if I wanted to be precise with detail that it would be better if I chose printing. He said that painters are always painting over bits to get things how they want them. When I questioned was it not possible to draw the image first with pencil then paint it, he replied that painters who did that were a strange lot. He did concede that it might be possible for me to be a watercolour painter, but then added that there were things that happened on the painting course that would not suit me.

However I am sure that all botanical painters and most flower painters pencil their work in initially for guidance therefore to just state that the painting is the drawing is not entirely true. Yes they do add much visual information in with paint and this adds a lot of detail in comparison with just line drawing but in the case of many watercolour artists the both skills are combined.

StargazerLily anna knight

Anna`s Stargazer Lilly …although not reproduced very well in this enlarged photocopy is a lively response to the lily. Its various petals vigorously point in different directions as do the leaves. The composition is unusual in that it leans into the picture from one side and part of the plant is cut off. Its shaded pink with darker spots is tinged at certain points with lilac and pale yellow and its rich brown stamens are very large indicating that the flower is newly opened.


Anna`s Poppy…is painted subtle shades of both pink and orange reds, petals are very frilly edged and wavering. The central section is stained purple while from a central green multi segmented core emanates a ring of fine pale sepals which overlays and contrasts with the purple. It is accompanied by four large round green seedcases with a slight paler frosting and a petal shaped crown with yellow tinged edges seems to cap the seed pod.


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