2nd Statement

As a printmaker I try to utilise the form of flowers from my drawings, transferring their image to the etching plate and  enhancing them by adding other elements of pattern.

While drawing I am quite intent on trying to copy the exact form and shape of curvaceous and interestingly shaped flowers, in particular the lily. I am particularly attracted to studying this flower because they display at different angles varying different viewpoints, which can provide a multitude of images to draw. I don`t want to draw these images too freely which would involve many imperfections which would detract from their reality and consequently the drawings I produce are very carefully observed, and take some time to accomplish. I hope that through drawing them repeatedly while enjoying the results I can gradually accomplish quality images more easily and gaining knowledge about their form. However I don`t expect to be able to draw them from memory, as observation, and hand to eye co-ordination are very much part of the process. I am fascinated by the flowers formation, and like drawing them from bud to opening positions and gain enjoyment from this kind of intense study. Lilies in my mind are very much descriptive of beautiful objects available in life.


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