Artists Statement

I am very attracted to flowers and plant life with the beautiful and colourful repetition of shapes which often lend themselves to interesting pattern formation. My aim is always to capture the beauty and essence of the plant or flower in my work. When I make drawings directly from plants and cut flowers it is of importance to me that these drawing are quite accurately representing the subject that I choose to study.

I have been influenced by many botanical drawings and paintings both historical and contemporary and also floral pattern designers of the past, especially William Morris whose designs have inspired me to try to invent some pattern myself, as a possible path for my work to follow. Realising some of his designs were intricately complicated I held on to the fact that Bedford Park Daisy was one of his earlier design and quite simplistic in comparison. The most powerful aspect is the fluency and repetition, the often soothing symmetrical aspect of many of his designs.

Having experimented in this direction I have decided to concentrate my future efforts on the botanical theme because I feel that studying nature is valuable to me personally.

Denise Walsh